Don’t let this be my #LastSelfie – A campaign by WWF

#AnAdvertADay #Day29

Snapchat campaigns are slowly beginning to pick up momentum but until this one, I wasn’t sure if I liked any. This one, another ingenious campaign by WWF, strikes a cord.

The #LastSelfie campaign used SnapChat to show endangered species of the wild-life vanish from users’ screens with the 10 second countdown that SnapChat is famous for.


They focused on the fact that this could be their last selfie before they vanished from your screen, the screen being a metaphor for the face of the Earth.


Just like most campaigns that WWF undertakes, this one is hard-hitting as well. The use of the medium’s core technology to make a point is absolutely amazing and innovative. This is a campaign to remember. I believe very few campaigns will be as snapchat centric as this oneĀ and be successful at it.

Here’s a video that talks about the campaign in detail. Do drop your thoughts in comments below.

Here’s the main campaign video –