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#Day25 – Adopt a Pet To Complete Your Home.


In a new awareness campaign ‘Home for Hope’, local animal advocates – Animal Lovers League shelter and the Save Our Street Dogs shelter – are playing up the idea that no home is complete without a pet. They are trying to reach potential new adopters through partnerships with Ikea and a growing number of furniture stores.

For the campaign, they took photos of adoptable dogs in order to make life-size cardboard cut-outs and place them throughout Ikea showrooms.


The idea was to let shoppers, visiting select Ikea stores in Singapore,  envision what a new canine companion would look like, hanging out in their homes. In turn, they hoped to instil the idea in them and inspire them to adopt a pet.


Shoppers could scan the QR code and get information on the scanned pet along with the other pets that were up for adoption, on their website.


With a limited budget, most animal shelters can only afford to voice their messages using social media. But the usual problem is that their followers are pet lovers, and most already own pets. Hence, adoption rates are low. By tying up with prominent furniture stores, the problem of awareness amongst potential adopters, increases.

Why I absolutely love this idea is because, very rarely, you see campaigns that are so perfectly positioned to reach your target audience. The fact that you get a sneak peek into how your house would look like with a pet, is an image that will imprint in your brain and become a trigger quite instantly.

And hey, those dogs are so adorable!
You can watch the case study video here :