A direct mail campaign which proves that you absolutely love gossip

#AnAdvertADay #Day76

Sometimes you just want to read and nurture yourself with the endless amount of knowledge the world has to offer. On the other hand, sometimes you just want to read about gossip and get into other people’s business!

Let’s put it out there: gossiping is something that we all love, even if we won’t admit it, even to ourselves.

This craving for spicy details about others’ private lives is exactly what South African people magazine Heat used for its new campaign with the help of the agency ‘Machine’.


To get people to subscribe, a common way in the industry is to send out flyers. These generally go directly to the recycle bin as their desperate attempt at selling is of no interest to the audience.

So instead of doing that, Heat decided to take people on a ‘wrong recipient’ experience.

In an intriguing direct mail, sent in the form of a letter, addressed to someone else, people would discover someone’s very private story with visual support. The letter was handwritten and contained juicy snippets of stories.

Watch the video here:

The series of photos ends in a surprising twist with a discount on subscription, telling you that if you like getting into people’s business, you might like the magazine.

What is interesting here is that the media and the creative has a specific behaviour to perfectly fit with the brand’s spirit to get the message. That way, Heat Magazine only addresses its message to the ones that truly matter while taking people on an experience that tells them something about themselves.

Finally, this shows that in an era of digitization, direct mail can still be a perfectly relevant media, provided that enough creativity is put to use.


Benoit Finck

Benoit is a French copywriter that has lived across 4 countries over the last 4 years. He is passionate about advertising, cultural differences and Stand Up Paddling (some kind of surfing) that he practices every time he gets a chance to get out of the office.

You can follow him on Twitter: @BenoitFinck

Do take a look at his amazing website: Benoit Finck



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