A humorous series of extreme endurance tests for the Samsonite bags

#AnAdvertADay #Day74

Samsonite products have been charged by a bull, caught in revolving doors, tossed out of cabs and mauled by the entire Pittsburgh Steelers football team.

The heritage brand was launched with print ads in 1910 showing founders Jesse Shwayder and his business-partner brothers standing on suitcases to show how sturdy they were. It was called the Shwayder Brothers Trunk Company in those days, based in Denver, Colorado, but renamed Samsonite in the ‘60s in a hat tip to the Biblical strongman Samson.

Ad taglines have included the 1969 slogan, “If you traveled the way your luggage does, would you look as good as Samsonite?” A bag had to be nearly indestructible, the ad implied, to survive those clumsy skycaps.


Leading the industry for more than 100 years, Samsonite has a long history of rigorous and unique quality testing methods. Recent campaigns emphasize not just how muscular the products are, but also how lightweight and maneuverable they are because of newly developed materials and technology. Keeping this as the focus, they have launched a series of ‘tongue-in-cheek’ online videos. The series brings the resilience of each Samsonite case to life by subjecting it to unexpected endurance tests.

With emphasis on the robust qualities of the luggage collections, the videos showcase how the innovative designs make Samsonite products a force to be reckoned with. These videos are very well scripted, with an excellent voice-over that is supported by a stellar copy.

The series includes 4 spots that tests 4 benefits of the bags and one spot is for their Rainsport umbrella. Watch the humour packed series below:

At the centre of the ultimate tug-of-war between tractors, horses and weight-lifters, the new Lite-Locked case remains intact thanks to the innovative Curv® technology and 3-point-lock system, a winning combination of strength and security.


Even when under attack from flying tennis balls, the new TriForce laptop case offers the ultimate protection for your business essentials. With 360° shock absorbing casing and extra corner cushioning for a laptop, the TriForce case will protect against any unexpected falls or bumps.


In a race against time with a remote-controlled car, the new Samsonite X-Pression+ case emerges triumphant. The winning feature is the 360° spinning wheels that offer extreme maneuverability to help speed through airport checkpoints with the greatest of ease and agility.


The new Pop-Fresh case is the ideal size for on-board luggage, and the ultimate cabin companion, easily gliding through a high-rise obstacle course of tight spaces.


Whether it’s raining cats and dogs in the UK, buckets in Belgium or nails in Canada, disastrous weather is no match for the Samsonite Rainsport Umbrella. Constructed of storm-proofed material and innovative ‘floating ribs technology’, the ultra-flexible umbrella keeps the carrier dry in even the most extreme conditions.


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