Why should anyone be made to feel like crap, just for being who they are?

#AnAdvertADay #Day72


Beyondblue, a counseling organisation in Australia, has released a  national anti-discrimination campaign highlighting the impact of racism on the social and emotional wellbeing of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

Their website quotes:

Research shows that subtle or ‘casual’ racism can be just as harmful as more overt forms. Imagine being judged in a job interview by the colour of your skin, rather than the strength of your CV. How would you feel if you were watched in a shop or treated differently on public transport? 

Why should anyone be made to feel like crap, just for being who they are?   

Stop. Think. Respect. encourages everyone in Australia to check their behaviour. Stop the discrimination, think about how your comments or actions could cause real distress and harm, and respect people who are different from you.

In the ad, an alter ego called ‘The invisible discriminator’ is the protagonist. He is the personification of the ‘little voice’ that all of us have. Except, he’s racist. The ad shows various scenarios where people discriminate against the Aborigines, taking advice from ‘The invisible discriminator’. For each scenario, he says a line that changes the perspective of the person towards the other completely. It’s well scripted with the ad having a monologue by the invisible discriminator, broken down for each scenario.

The message requires no clarity whatsoever.

Watch this guilt-instilling ad here:



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