The epic BMW ‘DriftMob’ has revolutionised the flash mob

#AnAdvertADay #Day70

BMW is known to be the car that is made for a stellar driver. It’s a car that dares you to push it to the limit and beyond. After the breath-taking, CGI enhanced, ‘Ultimate Racetrack’ ad that BMW released a short while back, they’re here to pump the octane levels again but this time, with some real stunts.


Five cherry red M235i coupes spin around each other in a tightly choreographed high-speed sequence on a closed traffic rotary. Titled “The Epic Driftmob,” it takes great pains to emulate a human flash mob. It’s five cars that surprise spectators that are outside the cordoned off area with some great drift-choreography that re-defined perfect co-ordination.


The smoking tires, the revving engines and the effortless drifting, all go a long way to make the car look uber-cool. It’s made with great care to make the car’s desirability factor jump up a notch which has almost always been the point of most BMW commercials.

You can watch the jaw-dropping video here:

Here is the making of the ad which is a delightful watch too:


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