The YouTube ad that you will refuse to skip

#AnAdvertADay #Day67

We all hate those consistently annoying YouTube ads that have been hindering our viewing experiences ever since the inception of the website. When a YouTube preroll ad comes on, users are primed to click the “Skip Ad” button the very millisecond it appears on-screen. It’s like an instinct or maybe we’re just conditioned to doing that now.

Research says that a whooping 94% of preroll YouTube ads get skipped shortly after the first five seconds. Well, it’s not a surprising statistic really.

The seemingly obvious solution is to make the first five seconds so compelling that people have to watch the rest—rather than just post your TV spot and hope for the best, which is what most brands end up doing to save resources and budgets.


Breaking through the monotonic pattern, ad agency Nail in Providence, R.I., did a simple but brilliant experiment. It tried to come up with an unskippable YouTube preroll ad. An ad that the user would ‘choose’ to ‘not’ skip.

The video isn’t very subtle which is why it works so well. It’s also super low-budget. Yet it got a view rate of 26 percent, which is very impressive going by the average 94% skip rate. There’s much to learn from this ad.

I don’t want to give you any spoilers so watch it to believe it –



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