A visually spectacular commercial on surfboarding by Samsung

#AnAdvertADay #Day64

Some commercials feel like they are made with the sole purpose of making one’s day better, that which makes you feel better about the world than most other days. This commercial, by Samsung, is one such example.

Created as part of Samsung’s global sponsorship of the Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour, this ad goes on to beautifully portray the exhilaration, danger and excitement that comes with surfing in the uncertainty of the oceanic waves. It makes a smashing point by saying that each moment spent in the ocean is a new moment, unique in every aspect.

The visual representation of the same ideology is perfectly executed. Each shot feels like the person is undergoing an experience like never before. It takes the viewer on the same journey as the one being shown in the shots. 

 This seamlessly leads the viewer to the tagline, ‘Every day is Day One’.


There’s no denying that this ad is visually spectacular. Every shot is gorgeously crafted but my favourite part is the soundtrack. It’s beyond perfect. A cover of David Bowie’s ‘Absolute Beginners’ by Angela McCluskey and pianist Paul Cantelon, the song takes the emotional quotient of the advert to a whole new level. The lyrics blend with each shot like they were meant to be.

Representative picture

Representative picture

The ad also includes a mix of beginners and seasoned surfing pros like Kelly Slater, Stephanie Gilmore, Gabriel Medina, Johanne Defay and Mitch Crews. Shots were filmed in Iceland, Fiji, India and even the suburbs of New York.

The tone of this ad is completely different from Samsung’s last one where they took a mighty dig at the iPhone. I prefer this one. Watch this amazing commercial here:


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