An Advertising agency in the U.S. that knows how to advertise itself well

#AnAdvertADay #Day60

Many of us have the gift of being uniquely named but there’s always the lot that’s slightly unfortunate. When Amazon Advertising was founded by Millie Olsen and Lynda Pearson, they didn’t know that the less-than-known company of the same name would take over as one of the world’s most famous online books retailer.

Burdened by the tragedy of being misunderstood and misidentified, the two founders of Amazon advertising launched a new campaign called ‘The Mistaken Identity Project’. It is quite rare for an advertising agency to advertise itself, which when you come to think of it, is quite odd. The project aims at highlighting and featuring stories of people who share names with celebrities and have had experiences based on such a misunderstanding.

The ad subtly highlights, in a tongue-in-cheek humour based commercial, the  repercussions of having to share names with these people. I’d generally narrate the entire film to you but I’ll let you watch this one and serve yourself with some laughter at the end of the ad.

In order to make this campaign ‘social by design’, they also ask people to submit their quirky stories of a mistaken identity. The campaign as a whole works very well towards highlighting the issue. Secondly, the name, being identified as one that gets confused with ‘’ will ensure a high recall value for the ad agency. The stories are shareable and amusing, giving the campaign a higher chance at being successful.

Here's a movie poster they made for the campaign. The ad film features people with the same names.

Here’s a movie poster they made for the campaign. The ad film features people with the same names.

What I love about this campaign beside the fact that it is clever and humorous, is that it is pro-active. An ad agency, recognised it’s problem and decided to do something fun with it. There’s no harm in an advertising agency, well, advertising.

Besides, who doesn’t love a campaign that challenges Shakespeare, right?

Here’s a video of the founders – Millie Olsen and Lynda Pearson talking about their ‘Mistaken Identity’ crisis.



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