The world’s first comedy show that made you pay per laugh

#AnAdvertADay #Day52

A Spanish independent comedy theatre company ‘Teatreneu’ decided to invent Pay Per Laugh, the first comedy theatre where you only pay for what you consume.Pay Per Laugh (PPL) came about after the Spanish government decided to raise the tax for theatrical shows, resulting in the lowest turnout of audiences in living memory.

Pay Per Laugh is a facial recognition application that, once installed on an iPad, is able to detect laughing, crying or any facial expression programmed into it. It counts, lists and generates statistics of the amount of laughs detected.


Each laugh had a price (€0.30) but there was also a maximum total of €8 so that the audience wouldn’t have to try and control their impulses, instead enjoying the show. Once the show was finished, the spectators could check the pictures that proved each and every one of their smiles during the show.


The final result of the experience was an average of 49 laughs which would represent a total cost of €14.70 for the ticket (almost double the €8 maximum) even though they ended up paying only €8. These people had clearly done their research before laying out the pricing for it. Audiences leave with a satisfying feeling of paying a fair amount. That way, it attracts a larger crowd, hence, addressing their problem. That is exactly what a good ad campaign does, addresses a problem.

The Pay Per Laugh picked up 8 Lions awards ‒including a Gold and a Silver‒ at the Cannes Lions festival, 2014.

Watch the video here:


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