A Unique Social Experiment that won eight awards at the Cannes Lions

#AnAdvertADay #Day45

One thing I absolutely love about the Cannes is that it resurfaces work of absolute brilliance that we might have missed. This one is an absolute gem with having won  won eight Lions in Cannes last week: two golds in Direct, a gold in Outdoor, a silver in Promo and bronzes in Film Craft, Film, PR and Media.

‘Almost Identical’, a unique social experiment conducted by Beldent gums (known as Trident in the U.S.) to break the stigma that surrounds gum chewers.

resize_then_crop_753_422Patrons were asked questions about five sets of identical twins. Each pair of twins was identically attired and quaffed—but one twin was chewing gum, while the other wasn’t. Queries ranged from “Which one seems like he has more friends?” to “Which one has a better sex life?” and “Which one is the bad cop?” (Two of the twins were dressed like police officers.)

Nearly 500 people took the test, and 73 percent of the responses positively favoured the twin who chewed gum. This pertaining to the fact that chewing gum relaxes your facial muscles, which makes you appear friendlier and more approachable.

Social experiments often make a point with hard evidences and rank high in effectiveness. The questions for this one were crafted well enough to reach the desired conclusion. Watch the video here, chances are, you might agree with the remaining 73%. I did.


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