The funniest menstruation commercial ever made

#AnAdvertADay #Day43

Hello Flo, the period subscription service, has made a hilarious video about a girl who fakes her period, recreating the awkward world of an adolescent girl.

While the girl has immense faith in her infallible  master-plan, enter mom– who isn’t fooled and becomes the foil in this plan. The writing gets remarkably gutsy and edgy as our young friend’s fib becomes a teachable moment and mother dearest throws her a ‘First Moon Party’.


What ensues is the most epic (and literal) “Welcome to Womanhood” bash with friends and family. Embarrassment abounds as the devious duo keeps up the charade for as long as possible.


This advert has many jaw dropping moments with the gusto of the mother and the lack of awkwardness in the usually-awkward-situation. This one’s sure to crack you up and how!



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