The kick-ass metal concert that gave wigs to kids with Cancer

#AnAdvertADay #Day41

Ogilvy and Mather, Mexico had a challenge. They had to come up with an innovative campaign with high PR value for a cancer benefit organisation, Case de la Amistad. What’s the one thing that Cancer kids long for, the most? It’s not health or the length of life. No, kids don’t think that way. Their wishes are very basic. They simply want lustrous hair to help them feel normal again.

Keeping this in mind, they came up with the world’s first metal concert where the ticket was… hold your breath… hair.


Yup. Hair.


Where else would you find that much hair all at once, right? 9 bands put together a thrilling metal concert where people could only enter if they chopped their hair off and submitted it. The hair was then made into wigs for these children.

Watch the video here. It’s some amazing stuff. \m/


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