The Cannes winning commercial that’s a treat for the heart

#AnAdvertADay #Day40

Continuing its promotion for sustainable food sources, Chipotle, a chain of restaurants in the States, took the top prize in the PR category at the 61st annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity on Monday.

In order to promote their app-based game called ‘The Scarecrow’ that allows users to “join the quest for wholesome, sustainable food”, Chipotle created an animated advert inspired by the game’s virtual world.

The 3½-minute video ad follows the journey of a scarecrow who becomes increasingly unhappy with his role – assisting in the production of genetically modified foods. The video also creates a fictional food giant enterprise called ‘Crows Food’ that is taking over people’s diets and in the process lying to them about their food being “natural”.


chipotle_scarecrow_all_natural (1)

The Scarecrow leaves the factory and by the end of the video, he is producing his own non-GMO food under the slogan “Cultivate a Better World.”

What I love incredibly about this ad is that the brand doesn’t force itself within the video. Their logo only pops up for a few seconds after it is over. They’ve put the cause above the brand, which is essential for a good PR campaign.

Besides that, the video is incredibly heart-warming and quite gorgeously made. The soundtrack is very melodious too.

Watch this one. It’s a treat for the heart.



  1. This was fantastic. I can recall a day when I used to bite off a carrot or a capsicum and you could feel the flavour jsut run down your lips. Today there’s barely any natural flavour left. I shudder to think about the future.


  2. The soundtrack is called ‘Pure Imagination’. Its from the 70’s movie, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. (I don’t know who sung this version though!)
    And yes, the video is incredibly heart-warming! (:


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