The Volkswagen magazine ad that came with a wi-fi connection

#AnAdvertADay #Day36

Volkswagen is one of the world’s most creative brands in the advertising front. It’s wide array of creative showcase via it’s advertisements, be it any medium, is exceptional. They came up with yet another campaign that integrated a simple digital innovation with the print medium.

Their challenge was to communicate the fact that their off-roader, Amarok, is also equipped with great technology. Off-roaders are typically considered to be rough, grounded and old-school. They needed to break through this mindset. So this is what they did.


They placed a chip in their print ad for a magazine, which created a wi-fi hotspot. People were encouraged to carry this ad everywhere they go, in their car, and never be too far from technology. The ad encourages people to go far and explore, tying the product communication, and never worry about staying connected, hence, addressing the challenge at hand.

It summarises with the line, “Because if there’s anything better than going far, it’s telling everyone you actually got there.”

My suggestion? They should’ve said, “Because you’re never too far away from technology inside an Amarok.”

Here’s the case video –



  1. I don’t know much about marketing, but I think the line they ran with the ad was pretty smart in itself. In a world where ‘sharing’ where you are and what you’re doing has become more important for some than the joy of doing it, their line taps both the sides of the story.
    -Setu Shah


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