The Dove Commercial that made everybody shed a tear

#AnAdvertADay #Day 35

As Father’s day approaches, Dove released it’s new commercial for a stellar and insightful campaign called ‘Calls for dad’ and #RealDadMoments. Like most other Dove campaign for women, Dove Men care has gone the way of breaking stereotypes. This campaign derives it’s insight from an elaborate market research.


Global market research group Edelman Berland conducted interviews with 1,000 fathers, aged 25-54 to find out more about the group. One of the findings was that around 75% of men felt they were responsible for a child’s emotional well-being, but only 20% actually saw that portrayed in the media. When the interviewees were asked to choose the attributes that best described dads in the media, the majority said dads were shown as ‘disconnected, bumbling and incompetent’.


In the commercial you’ll see various shots of daughters and sons that call their fathers amidst a moment of trepidation, doubt, confusion, worry or pure want of emotional warmth.  The ‘pappa, daddy, dad’ that these sons or daughters shout out are during moments that we all can relate to. A kid that cannot get his T-shirt off, another whose hair needs brushing, one where the kid is learning how to swim and so on. These moments are very close to reality and will prove to be a tear jerker.

Watch the video here –

Dove is running a parallel digital campaign asking people to share their #RealDadMoments with them. I absolutely love the ‘real’ feel of the commercial with shots that seem to have been taken by handycams and average digital cameras.

It’s a heart-warming commercial that show how dads are truly capable of selfless love for their kids. We hear you, Dove.



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