Because Violence is Violence – Stop Violence against men.

#AnAdvertADay #Day31

In a world where the voice of feminism and misandry echoes over it’s masculine counterpart, a unique campaign that talks about violence against men was sure to make its’ fair share of rounds on the web. Based on a market research in the UK, which said that 40% of domestic violence victims are men, this campaign by the ManKind Initiative speaks of the unspoken word.

The film portrays the stark discrimination in the outlook of the society when it comes to violence against women as compared to that against men. It draws a flat out comparison between the two situations via a film that was shot with hidden cameras and two actors that were playing the role of a conflicting couple. It highlights how the same scenario will call for different reactions if the gender of the victim is switched.

The tagline is simple and effective. It gets straight to the point.


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