Tide detergent installs a unique Superhydrophobic Billboard in Moscow

#AnAdvertADay #Day30

BBDO Moscow and Proximity Russia came up with a unique billboard in Moscow that highlighted Tide’s benefits in a very unique way.


To demonstrate the effectiveness of Tide laundry detergent, they created “The superhydrophobic billboard”. The team built a simple white billboard with nothing on it but a logo and installed it in a Moscow park. They covered areas of it with a transparent, superhydrophobic coating that repels liquid. Passers-by were then invited to throw paint at it, that lead to the product benefit being revealed: Tide’s power to keep white clothes white.



After the action, a pure white t-shirt appears on the billboard, outlined with splashes of paint.


It’s becoming a marketing trend where brands come up with quirky, fun and exaggerated ways to highlight a particular benefit of the product. This technique works very well for the recall value amongst consumers and such ideas always come with great PR promise and a viral factor.

If there’s one thing that advertising teaches us, it is that you can say the same thing again and again, repeatedly,  as long as you do it in a different way.

What did you think of this campaign? The case video is below for you to watch.


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