#Day28 – Probably the best billboard ever by McDonald’s


In what might just be the best billboard ever, and I see it as the first of many, McDonald’s installed an interactive billboard that you could connect with via your smartphone. In order to connect to it, downloading an application wasn’t required. One could simply sign into a website via their browser to connect.

658X400134_mcdonalds_pick_n_play_billboard_square44_idea_03 donaldspp

Once connected, they had to choose which goodie they wanted to play for.


They could then play a game, real-time, with controls on their smartphones. As the game progressed, it got more difficult. If you completed the challenge, you would get a code on your phone that gave you directions to the nearest outlet where you could claim your prize.


Skrmavbild 2012-11-13 kl. 10.38.17_900

Digital billboards, augmented reality, playable posters, interactive vending machines and now this. Advertising never ceases to amaze and innovate. I see this a the first step to a trend in the industry that is going to take everyone by storm.

Below is the case film. It’s a pretty cool one!


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