#Day27 – The Oreo cookie snack hack web series. Go beyond ‘Twist, lick, dunk’.


A few months back, a picture of a man eating an Oreo in an unconventional manner, went viral. He decided to skip the ‘Twist, lick, dunk’ and went ahead to eat it with a fork. Inspired by this idea, Oreo began a popular campaign called #OreoSnackHacks that showed different ways to eat an Oreo along with suggestive recipes.


Mixing up the Oreo experience—and eating food in general—was already a popular trend online, so it decided to jump on it. Soon after, the company was encouraging fans to post their own twists on the Oreo eating experience and label their inventions with the hashtag #OreoSnackHack. New ideas popped up, including putting the cookie in a pepper grinder to create sprinkles among others. (pictures below)






Recently, the company took this campaign to the next level. To honor all those remixing its food in innovative ways, Oreo launched A Web Series showcasing top chefs Roy Choi, Michael Voltaggio and Nguyen Tran hacking the sweet treat into popular food entrées.

Fans will see Choi making chicken tenders with golden Oreos, Voltaggio concocting alcoholic Oreo Shandys (not as gross as it sounds!), and Tran creating an Oreo bread pudding dish sans an oven. All the treats only involve a few steps so the average person can watch the video, head to the kitchen and try it.

This is an all exclusive social media campaign. This campaign in particular, makes the cookie the star of the series and focuses on how it isn’t just a simple product by showcasing all of it’s possible applications. It’s fun, like the brand and it works perfectly towards the brand’s objective of trying and making it the world’s favourite/most popular cookie.

Do drop comments on what you think of this series.

You can watch the teaser of the web-series here –



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