#Day26 – Axe tells you if you’re making too much effort on Social media


Axe deodorants are all about being attractive, stylish, desired, and effortlessly so. In an attempt to extend their brand personality on the digital front, Axe came up with an excellent campaign called ‘The Social Effort Scale’.


The idea of the campaign is to analyse how many people on social media try too hard or indulge in “social over-exertion”. For this, the brand has created a kick-ass website that calculates one’s social effort scale by breaking down each social post into pieces and categorizing them by number of hashtags, percentage of capital letters, amount of emoticons or emojis, exclamation marks etc.


The website that they’ve made has a pretty slick interface with very swift transitions. You can check your score on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram separately. It compares your usage to the trends worldwide and lets you know if you’re ‘Not trying at all’, ‘Effortless’ or ‘Trying too hard’.

This campaign is absolute fun and a very brand appropriate version of Klout score. By adding a layer where the website also advices you how to go forward with your digital existence, this campaign doesn’t restrict itself to being just another algorithmic tool to calculate klout.

You should definitely check it out. I loved it!



You can see the case video here. It’s worth a watch.


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