#Day24 – A.1. Sauce has a better social life than you.


After almost 50 years, A.1 Steak Sauce is no longer in an exclusive relationship with steak.  Reflecting the dining habits of A.1. fans who enjoy saucing many different foods, the brand is returning to its original name, A.1. Sauce.

To advertise their re-branding, they came up with a very well thought out, creative solution.

The ‘A.1. Sauce : New Friend Requests’ campaign portrays a beautiful ‘food love story’ between A.1 steak sauce (their previous name) and Steak. In the story, they break up and Steak sauce moves on to explore more of life and friendship, meeting new foods and socialising with them.

The product has been personified in a very witty manner, highlighting this generation’s social media usage patterns. A story told solely via interpreted Facebook mannerisms, shares and networking patterns.

It’s cute, witty and smartly done. They make their new positioning extremely clear and precise via this campaign, increasing awareness about the different uses for this single product. Anyone else see the market share rising?

Take a look at the beautiful little love story between the steak sauce and steak.


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