#Day20 – PornHub’s Crowdsourced Campaign for Family Friendly ads



Back in March, one of the world’s most popular pornography site, PornHub, set off a campaign wherein they asked viewers to submit their best ideas for clever, safe-for-work advertising to run on television, in magazines, and on the Web. The winner will be awarded a one-year contract to be the site’s first creative director.

Due to it’s explicit nature of product, the site has never been allowed to advertise in mass, commercial media spaces. This campaign is the answer to that problem. If you see the print ads, it’s a barrage of innuendos and clever subliminal messaging.

In any case, it is most likely that PornHub won’t be allowed to advertise on television due to the product no matter how subtle, the messaging is. Nonetheless, this garnered great publicity for the pornography site.

The 15 finalists were recently announced. You can even vote for your favourite entry on http://pornhubcampaign.tumblr.com/

The one with the highest votes will ultimately become the winner. See the entries below :

pornhub-finalists-01-2014 pornhub-finalists-02-2014 pornhub-finalists-03-2014 pornhub-finalists-04-2014 pornhub-finalists-05-2014 pornhub-finalists-06-2014 pornhub-finalists-07-2014 pornhub-finalists-08-2014 pornhub-finalists-09-2014 pornhub-finalists-11-2014 pornhub-finalists-12-2014 pornhub-finalists-13-2014


One entry is a series of print ads –

pornhub-ads-2 pornhub-finalists-10-2014 pornhub-ads-3


There are two video entries as well –

Do write in the comments as to which one is your favourite amongst the fifteen finalists.


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