#Day19 – Pepsi’s Football Interactive Vending Machine


Back in January, Pepsi created a superstar football squad called #FutBolNow to inspire footballers worldwide to ‘Live for Now’, which is their tagline. The lineup unites 19 of the world’s greatest players, spanning five continents and nearly 20 countries.

Some names on the squad are – Robin van Persie, David Luiz, Sergio Ramos, Sergio Agüero, Jack Wilshere and four-time player of the year, Leo Messi.


As the world cup approaches, Pepsi launched a teaser for their new Interactive Vending machine which will go live soon.  It features a vending machine challenge that puts your best skills to the test in order to score a free Pepsi.

The Vending machine looks super chic with great motion sensors. I can already see the fans lining up to try out the challenge. It’s super fun, relevant and something that commands a great recall value.  It’s going to be a cut-throat competition this year with the best creative minds working on larger than life football campaigns. Pepsi has set a foot and how!

You can watch the teaser video here.


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