#Day16 – Mad Men for Emmy


AMC’s hit television show ‘Mad Men’ based on the advertising world in the 1960’s, is in its’ final season. The show has had a stellar record when it comes to winning awards up until the last two years. They now want to end it with a big bang.

In what seems to be the best ad campaign by AMC for the Emmy awards, they came up with a series of vintage looking ads that stars the characters from the show. These ads sell fictional products that perfectly fits the personality of the character on the show.

The show has never won an award at the Emmy for acting. This time, they are promoting all of their main characters, asking people to vote for them with the tagline ‘For Your Consideration’.

These ads are targeted at Emmy voters way ahead of the nomination list revelation in July.

Here are the 8 ads. Excellent copy and very true to the 60’s advertising theme which is the heart of the show.


Peggy in an ad for face powder


Megan in an ad for shoes


Joan in ad for Red hair colour


Don in an ad for Sunglasses


Betty in an ad for jewellery


Roger in an ad for Madison Collection clothing


Sally in an ad for Statuette Teen clothing


Pete in an ad for Pomade

Which of these is your favourite? Write down in comment.


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