#Day15 – 3D interactive installation


SNCF French Railways, put up four life-size, 3-D interactive Outdoor installations that are meant to encourage the public to travel to places and get experiences that they are passionate about.

One is a giant mouth that plays Opera music, second is a life-size Marilyn Monroe flying skirt installation, third is a Rugby player taking a shower and the fourth one is a hairy-chested man that wears a medallion, which when pressed converts the surroundings into a disco setting. These installations are to inspire passers-by to travel to the Opera, a theater, a Rugby match and a discotheque respectively.




hairy chest


The installation is very attention grabbing and gives has a fascinating way of giving you a glimpse of what the experience has in store for you. The level of creativity used in the installation itself is absolutely amazing. It’ll make most people want to take the next train ride to the venue.

Here is a video of passers-by reacting to the interactive installations. Which of the four is your favourite?



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