#Day14 – Coldplay’s #lyricshunt


British rock band Coldplay has launched an international treasure hunt ahead of the release of Ghost Stories, its latest album, urging fans to search through ghost story books in libraries where they’ve hidden lyric sheets from their new songs. The hash tag being used is #lyricshunt



They tweeted hints and clues to help people find the right books.

1398785213mexico_city_clueThere are nine lyrics sheets in total for the nine tracks on Ghost Stories — and two have already been found in Mexico City and Helsinki.



Seven more lyric sheets remain. Alongside one of those sheets is a “golden ticket,” which includes a flight to see the band perform at London’s Royal Albert Hall this summer.


This idea is most definitely inspired Bing’s campaign for Jay-Z’s autobiography’s release where they placed each page of the book, one per day for a month, in real locations across the world depending on the story on that page. Except, this has a ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ mix in it as well.

Coldplay has made excellent use of it’s online presence and this is probably one of the best strategic pre-buzz campaigns in recent times.It’s fun, it’s relevant due to it’s placement in well known ghost novels/books, and it’s a very different global approach for revealing an album.

What is your take on this campaign? The album releases on May 16th.



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