#Day13 – Wear a condom

Condomania, a condom shop in Tokyo released a series of print ads, that has a couple vacuum packed inside plastic. The effect leads one to believe that they are one body.

The use of plastic being used to cover the couples is a metaphor for preservation which is used in the tagline for the campaign,

“Preserve the love. Wear a condom.”


This is an interesting way of depicting love, no doubt. One can argue that this shows the suffocation in love but the tagline swings that around well enough.


The visual depiction has received very mixed reviews due to it’s eerie nature but on the other end of the spectrum, many call it beautiful.

I found it very interesting due to it’s extreme visual packaging. There’s a subliminal message here that hints towards pregnancy or children being a hindrance to love. This comes from the arrangement of the second sentence of the tagline being strategically placed after the first.


Below is a ‘making of’ for the ad-series where the photographers as well as the couples talk about their experience while shooting this. It’ s a must-watch. Provides an interesting perspective.

Also, for this one, because it’s had mixed reactions, I’d like to know what your take is on this one.




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